Gateway, Nigeria is Nigeria's subsidiary of Gateway Inc., United Kingdom. Over the years, we managed Nigeria CRB dot com an Independent non-governmental criminality checking agency, established in the U.K in May 2009. The outfit was set up to help people who have lived in or still lives in Nigeria to access the Nigeria Police Clearance Certificate from anywhere at any time.

We have recently expanded our service provision portfolio, ranging from the world-class Nigeria Police clearance certificate service provision to Birth Certificate, Certificate Attestation, Foreign Affairs Notarization, Trademark Registration, Change of Name, Document Translation and arranging an Invitation Letter to visit Nigeria.

What we do:

       1.        We help our service users process the aforementioned documents.
       2.       Check to ensure their application are completed correctly
       3.       Verify Payments and application type (Fast or Regular)
       4.       Forward the Application to the processing office
       5.       Once processed It is posted to our UK office (except for Nigeria local application)
       6.       Once received in the UK, a hardcopy of the Certificate is despatched in the post to applicants.


How long it takes:

All regular document related services are processed and delivered for applicant outside Nigeria between 10 to 30days
Fast document related services are processed for applicant outside Nigeria between 7 to 12days
All document related services for Nigerian local residents are delivered within 2 to 12days.

Trademark Services may take between 2 to 12months.


Where we are:

Offices are in Lagos, Nigeria and Sunderland United Kingdom.

How we can be reached:

You can always get in touch by email and telephone number; 
Tel:     +44 7946 759 680