Frequent Questions!

Yes, but we can not promise anything earlier than the stupulated.

 No, once your application is submitted, the processing begins and we can not refund you after the processing commenses.

4 to 7 working days (all processing & delivery).

Regular 21-30 working days (all processing & delivery).

Yes! You'll need to pay £10 extra for that.


Regular application SCANNED COPY can take up to 14 working days.

Fast Application's Scan copy can be ready in about 4 working days.

GT Bank (Nigeria)

Account Name:    Ogundipe John O.

Account Number: 0158733747



Barclays Bank (UK)

Account Name:     Asset Organisation

Business Address: 20 Holmeside, Sunderland SR1 3JE

Account Number: 53350959

Sort code: 20-83-69

IBAN: BUKB 2083 6953 3509 59


£100 per page and extra 7 working days processing time.

It is our objective to ensure all parcels are delivered in time as we understand their importance to you if the parcel, unfortunately, arrive later or it's delayed beyond the stipulated time;

Normal Application:  We bear no responsibility if it has been in the post for more than 15working days, as this may be an issue with your local postage system. If it has been in the post for less than 15working days and it arrived later than 30workings we will refund 50% of your money.

Fast Application: We If your Parcel arrives later than 7working days, here is what we'll do.
We will refund you;

0% if it arrive between 10 - 15working days, (We apologize for this)
5% if it arrives between 10 - 15working days
10% if it arrives between 15 - 20working days
20% if it arrives between 20-30working days

99.99% of our service is delivered within the stipulated time.

We have the tracking details of all parcels, if your parcel is lost in the post, we'll re-order a new one for you without costing you a penny

Note: We can not confirm your parcel is lost until the delivery date is past.

Contact us to arrange for re-delivery and pay relevant fees:

Redelivery Price:

Regular -   £30 - 21-30 working days (delivery).

Fast -   £100 - 4-7 working days (delivery).

Tel:       +44 7946 759 680

Email:   [email protected]