Wow!!! I'm absolutely blown away by this service... It's shocking in a very good way! First of all when I heard that I have to do my CRC in Nigeria, I literally felt sick! No offence! But to my own surprise it was the best service I have ever had in my entire existence as a Nigeria Well done guys! Great job!!! (1 June 2014)


For once I actually believed that something positive could come out of a Naija run organisation. I wasn't disappointed as everything was concluded and had the report in my house within 8 days! 8 days people. There's still hope of a better Nigeria! kudos to the guys behind the NGO... (31 May 2014)


I must say I'm one of the most skeptical when it comes to dealing with any Nigerian run organisation. Being Nigerian myself even makes it worse, especially when you have to pay for the services upfront. I had to tell myself over and over again that the money paid could as well have gone into a nice evening out with friends. With that, I was able to calm myself down, and, alas, the police clearance certificate came within the stipulated time frame. I received prompt e-mail responses on the progress. Whoever is behind this idea (Mr. Femi Badmus?) should be congratulated! Now I know where to go whenever such a document is needed. I will also spread the word. (14 May 2014)


I was worried at first but am glad that i gave it a try. Thank you so much for been so efficient and honest. this makes me happy that nigeria police are doing the right thing (5 May 2014)


Very nice service, great customer relationship management, fast track and amazing.Great Work and nicely done. (1 April 2014)

Muhammad Rabiu

Very nice service, good customer service and fast as well. The best service i have gotten from a Nigerian business in a long time. Well done (31 March 2014)


Prompt and efficient. I had a situation which was properly handled by their personnel. I was well impressed by their highly professional approach . (12 March 2014)


As Nigerians we are skeptical if any and everything online, and rightly so. However, I called and spoke with NCRB representative and I was assured. I used the service and my police certificate came back in less than the two weeks estimate. Five stars for them.(12 March 2014)


Extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency and time delivery of services received from Nigerian Police. Mr. Femi was polite in attending to me when called to ask questions. I got my certificate faster than expected. Thanks, don't relent, I appreciate. (12 March 2014)

Chikezie Uchechukwu

Very impressed with the speed and efficiency of services received from Nigerian Police. Your man on the phone was polite in attending to me when called to ask questions. I got my certificate faster than expected. I wish other departments can take a leaf from them. Thanks (11 March 2014)


Very good efficient service. It took less than the official 9 days for my police certificate to be couriered to me in New Zealand. They responded to email enquiries quickly and kept me updated on progress all the time. Great service and will use again if required. (25 February 2014)


he service was outstanding. If I was to give a rating, it will be 10 out of 10, period. My police clearance certificate arrived faster than I expected. Femi was very helpful with all the procedures. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you for this website ! (14 January 2014)


I had to do another set. Again, service was fast and reliable. This time (with no public holidays involved) it took just 3 days from the paypal payment to receiving the document delivered by DHL. And to think I almost let fear of 419s stop me from using your service. Femi and all of NigeriaCRB - thank you! (9 January 2014)


Of all the countries I have lived in and need a police report from, your service for Nigeria has been the fastest to be processed and delivered!!! I am really impressed. (6 January 2014)


This is a quick service,very easy,fast and reliable,quick response and quick delivery,i would recommend this to anyone out there........................cheers ( 4 January 2014)

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