Service delivery was excellent. Exceeded my expectations to be honest. Keep up the good work! (10 October 2014)


I am highly overwhelmed by the excellent service they rendered to me, with speed and reliability. They are actually the best. One love from Scotland. (10 October 2014)


Reliable, Unbelievable speed delivery and Satisfactory service. Thank you and God bless (9 October 2014)


Quick service with 100% satisfaction. Good job. (9 October 2014)


Thank you. It was prompt and professional (27 August 2014)

Bajela Joseph

I appreciate their loyalty and timely delivery. In fact I was excited for such from our dear country. I will advice them to improve on the mode of communication and notifications in progress. More so,they should try as much as possible to confirm the correct spelling of name and passport number before they issue out the certificate. I recommend them for anyone that need the certificate. (15 August 2014)

Babatunde Akinyemi

I used to use them when i was in UK and now that i still moved to Canada,i am still using them.Their service has been effective.Keep up the work.I am sure ur reputation will seel u (10 July 2014)


This is my second time of using this service. They deliver extraordinarily fast. (23 June 2014)


Lucy Donatus ยท Dublin, Ireland Very fast and reliable service. I give my 100% recommendations. Thanks to the staffs, for prompt answers to all my questions. (20 June 2014)


What can I say................................. Job well done. I'm very skeptical when it comes to dealing with any Nigerian run business. I called from Australia so many times to check if is 419 lol I even used paypal in case lol. Please my people this is correct service Obe ti o dun owo lo kill e lol!! Uncle Femi e se o God bless (12 June 2014)


I was very impressed with the service, Nigerian gov services don't have the best reputation for good service delivery so I was expecting the worse. But the service response was quick, and I got my report within a week! So thankfully there is hope. Thank you and I hope this level of excellence starts to spread across board. The website could do with a makeover though, a more modern/ professional look. But still impressed with the service delivery. Good job guys. (3 June 2014)


This is awesome that you have a Nigerian running this service and delivering even before stated dates shows that we are going someone. People believe me it services didn't fall short of any of the reviews I have read before using Nigeria CRB and I'm proud to recommend using it. I just wish Nigerian government can learn from someone like Mr Femi Badmus and implement such standard of service in our public offices. (2 June 2014)


No doubt. They are wonderful firm.


Wow!!! I'm absolutely blown away by this service... It's shocking in a very good way! First of all when I heard that I have to do my CRC in Nigeria, I literally felt sick! No offence! But to my own surprise it was the best service I have ever had in my entire existence as a Nigeria Well done guys! Great job!!! (1 June 2014)


For once I actually believed that something positive could come out of a Naija run organisation. I wasn't disappointed as everything was concluded and had the report in my house within 8 days! 8 days people. There's still hope of a better Nigeria! kudos to the guys behind the NGO... (31 May 2014)

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