Nigeria Birth Certificate (Replacement)

A replacement Nigeria Birth Certificate is issued by Nigeria's "National Population Commision". The certificate contains the holder's personal information including date and state of birth, as well as their parent's name. For people born before 1993; you'll only be able to get an Attestation of Birth + Affidavit (2 complimentary documents), as a Birth Certificate cannot be issued for people born before the formation of the NPC.  

Gateway provides agency services that provide support in acquiring this document from national population commission and the High Court respectively.

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Birth Attestation


(if you are born before 1993)


Birth Certificate

(if you are born after 1993) 


To apply, you'll have to;

             1. Download the form here

             2. Complete all section of the form as accurately as possible;


Note: A scanned copy of your international PASSPORT or other ID is also required.


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