I am extremely impressed by the services rendered by this organization. I applied for Police clearance certificate and I got it in the mail in record time. The response to inquiries by phone is equally commendable, however they need some improvement in e-mail response time. Over all, their service is excellent! (15 May ,2019)


I received the documents in the post yesterday and I’m very glad for the hassle free transaction. I am still completely blown away by the speed and accuracy of your services. Now, I look forward to using your company for similar work in the future and would definitely send recommendations your way. God bless you and your business. TIMELINE - 19-06-2018 at 01:09 a.m - Placed an order for a Nigerian Police report as well as an email scanned copy through PayPal. 19-06-2018 at 12:08 - Received an email requesting a clearer fingerprints, which was sent immediately. 19-06-2018 at 14:11 - Received the emailed scanned copy of the report and was informed that the hard copy will be sent via courier later that day. 25-06-2018 at 10:12am. - Received FEDEX delivery containing the report. NO HASSLE. NO SCAM. NO WAHALA. NO MAGO MAGO... (26 Jun ,2018)


It's so fast. Gateway sent me the scanned copy in 3 days after I paid. I'll update when I have my PCC.(02 Jun ,2018)


Very impressed. God bless you guys. Arrived before the speculated time. (29 Apr ,2018)


Was skeptical at first when I submitted everything for the police certificate clearance, and was even more skeptical after 12days had passed without hearing from anyone. BUT once Femi was able to get in contact with me everything was smooth and painless. Great job and will recommend to anyone in need of their services. Also my recommendation to the Organisation is to have someone readily available for communications. Great job Femi and thanks. (16 Feb ,2018)

Maureen Angum

So far my experience on this website is easy, effective and satisfactory but I could not proceed further after completing the application to the stage where I was asked to proceed to the application preview.(01 Feb ,2018)

Arinola Regina

I needed a Nigerian Police clearance over the Christmas period while applying for a visa in Australia. I came upon this web site, at 1st I was very dubious because of the history of things relating to Nigeria. I am very pleased that I used this web site. Payment was via pay pal which gave me confidence in using this site. They are however expensive but well worth the money. I was promised a visa within 10 days and true to their word the visa arrived as promised. I would recommend using this site. Thanks again Dave Lister (27 Dec ,2017)


Gateway Team Thank You for the prompt follow up and delivery of this requested clearance; as promised you have met and exceeded my expectations. I will be entering a testimonial on your website. The fact that you offer to send soft copy as well as mailing an official hard copy is extremely useful for expediting my need to pass along this information in a timely manner. Your website was easy to use and tutorial on how to take fingerprints and submit was also direct and to the point. Wishing you and your families a safe and prosperous futures. Regards (31 Jan ,2018)


I applied for the above certificate in December. The certificate arrived within the promised timescale and I am really impressed by the level of service and the support I received from your UK staff, David. Unfortunately the Thai Embassy would not accept this certificate as it was not issued by the NDLEA in Abuja. Maybe you could look into adding this to the list of services that you provide in future. (31 Dec ,2017)


I was in need of a PCC for a very important purpose and Gateway Nigeria make it possible...I am grateful.Compliment of the season from Cameroon...(29 Dec ,2017)


24/07/2014(20 Dec ,2017)


Police clearance for work.(19 Dec ,2017)

Chioma Lucy

The service and delivery were excellent. Thanks(28 Nov ,2017)


I am so amazed by your service. its so reliable and trustworthy. I ordered for a police report and within two weeks I got it. This is not a freud guys this is so true. (24 Nov ,2017)


I applied for the police report through Gateway and the application was handled in a professional manner. My clearance was delivered by post within a week of completing my application online(02 Nov ,2017)

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