The service I received was unbelievable. If this positive change could be in every other sectors of our government offices, Nigeria will be great again. Thank you (22 February 2015)


I am very much impressed by the service offered. It was beyond my expectation. The Nigeria Police Certificate even arrived quicker than that of the U.K where I live, and which I applied for about the same time. Many thanks for such awesome and impressive service!!! (19 December 2014)


I was very sure when I contacted this company but their fast service and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE made me into a believer. Thanks so much for your exceptional business (18 December 2014)

MsAngel ForeverGrateful

Honestly, NigeriaCRB made my day. I can't believe a trustworthy site/business like this one still exist. Thank you for helping me get my character cert. (17 December 2014)


Highly interactive customer-friendly and rapid-response service. Truly impressed with how fast things were processed and delivered. Job very well done. (December 2014)


Surprisingly fast and and reliable...and good with communication. Applause to the team of this firm. Keep the flag flying!!!! (17 December 2014)

Tosin Janos

I'm not very trusting of Internet services, particularly when it's not one of the major ones out there(eBay and the like), so when it came to using this service I was VERY SKEPTICAL so much so I delayed my job application cos of my indecisiveness, took a leap of faith and boy was I surprised took less than 4 days and I had it with me, must say I applaud the service you provide, and I think you for making me believe there are some good NIGERIAN online business model (15 December 2014)

Daryl Daniel

Wow Oh Wow Femi God Almighty Bless you. My People this is a very good service/company if you require Nigeria police clearance (Nigeria police character certificate), It took only four days to get the certificate delivered in my door post. Excellent service keep the good work guys and continue to make Nigeria proud. This service really exceeded my expectations :) (19 November 2014)

Iyke Rowlings

I was a bot skeptical at first but my cynicism was overridden by the excellent and speedy service that I received. Customer service was responsive to every one of my emails and accommodated my requests. Use their service, you won't be sorry. (14 October 2014)


Never believe it will be this fast and excellent. Keep the good work. It's was an awesome experience working with you. (10 October 2014)

Sire Samuel

Service was excellent and exceeded my expectations.Please Keep up the good work and i will asked my friends too apply through NGP.Excellent service boss.Thanks a lot. (10 October 2014)


Service delivery was excellent. Exceeded my expectations to be honest. Keep up the good work! (10 October 2014)


I am highly overwhelmed by the excellent service they rendered to me, with speed and reliability. They are actually the best. One love from Scotland. (10 October 2014)


Reliable, Unbelievable speed delivery and Satisfactory service. Thank you and God bless (9 October 2014)


Quick service with 100% satisfaction. Good job. (9 October 2014)

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