I applied PCC for myself and for my wife. Really I recieved PCC in 1 week & it was a good sevice. My passport number was written wrong in th PCC. Inspite of that they also quickly arrange me to provide new one. What a " Amazing service". Really appreciate (21 October 2016)


Guys, thank you so much for your help. First, i was scared to do it with CRB because of frauds (who knew that time) but i had no choice. I received everything on time, everything is good.THank you so much.YOu can trust this guys, dont be scared! (19 August 2016)


First and foremost, I will say a big Thank You to whoever is Coordinating and Managing this Program. I will advice people to know that is not good to prejudice or stereotype about Nigerians ok. Y’all know what I meant by this ok. Back to this site. This is a very genius site if you are looking to do your Police Certificate in Nigeria. I am in Canada and at a time my family was on vacation so I needed to get this done. Came on this site, confused and I call them up. Amazingly their Customer service was very fantastic. I was told to follow all the steps and very thing will be ok. I did. To my very surprise …I receive my Police certificate LESS than 2 Weeks…. Within these 2 weeks it was sent to Ottawa for verification before it was sent back to me. I am explaining this because I just want people to know that not All Nigerian that is not living in your Household Are Bad…There are lots of services out there for Nigerians but the issue of trust has made it impossible to depend on one another. Don’t waste your time flying back to Nigeria when you can access or do it through this site. Yea its money, you will pay just like any services receive at anywhere… You have options to choose the fast mode or not and the price is there for you to choose. Like I said I live in Canada, have nothing to hide, I have done it myself and if you still have a doubt …Call them up, they will explain how to go about it …their number is right on the website. They based in London England. (10 June 2016)

Aina Oluwaseun

It's unbelieble to still found Trust worthy Company like this .... I was in need of urgent police character clearance from Nigeria, I found this website while searching online. I phoned the office in UK and someone answered the phoned. He assuranced me that their services are reliable. I gave them benefit of Doubt and I complete the forms on their website as requested and paid the correct fee online. Amazingly, I received the Original Police Clearance even before the date I was told to expects it. I would recommend www.nigeriacrb.com to everyone who are looking for Nigeria Police Clearance. (19 May 2016)


Great and efficient service!. I just received my certificate this morning. It took approx 5 days(including weekends) to get it here in Toronto after I sent in my application. Having once been a victim of online scam, I got worried initially after 2 days when I didn't get any feedback but I got a reply from Femi a day later and finally got my certificate today. Thanks guys! (18 April 2016)


Wao! I’m not shocked, but greatly impressed, and very certainly elated. Contrary to the negative impressions most people have (including Nigerians) about Nigeria and Nigerians, I never share such stereotype. I have always maintained that the most honest man is this world is a Nigerian, and by enlargement, the most honest business is certainly run by a Nigerian. My philosophy is not a product of illusion or self delusion, but something that emerged from personal experiences. When you see a tree in a desert, be rest assured that you’re looking at a tree that has much resilience. When you meet an honest Nigerian, you’ve seen best of angels – an utterly flawless individual. I’m glad that Nigeria CRB has just confirmed my beliefs. I got my document/Certificate within the promised time-frame, no hassles. The updates relative to the progress of my application were all the way timely and efficient. Nigeria CRB remains the best organisation I have ever done business with. I made my payment via PayPal – no fake organization will advise you to make payment through PayPal. When the General Teaching Council for Scotland gave me 56 days to get criminal records check from Nigeria, I thought that was the end of the road, but with the help of this organisation, I got it in less than 2 weeks. Nigeria CRB is strongly recommended. 25 March 2016)


Adeola Thanks for the excellent job, keep doing what you are good at guys. Your mission to transform Nigeria reputations both home and abroad is phenomenon as well as to assist people to achieve their goals faster than they ever would in the absence of your help. CBS is genuine, reliable to do this business with. Once again thank you and God bless. (22 January 2016)


The idea of CRB is indeed a novel one! Out of curiousity i came in contact with the platform which came to put smile on my face the day i received my special courier delivery. As i can not find too much words to explain how exclusive the service is, please allow me to keep saying it and dont stop talking it like the Gospel!!! well done boss (21 January 2016)


I have to say I personally was skeptical but after reading all the comments I went with it. I sent my data to them and waited. Within a few weeks I received my police report even earlier than expected. Their communication and responsiveness was very effective and trust-worthy. I highly recommend this to anybody in need of a police report from Nigeria for whatever they need it for which in my case was for a visa application. (20 January 2016)


Hello Sir, This is the managing authority of ALFA Forensic Lab, India, highly recommenting your services to everyone, who have a need of police clearance certificate from Nigeria, as i got my certificate within 2 working days after confirmation of my payment. Really unbelievable service which you provided to us. At begining i was much scared and i had a lot of doubts on you but after getting my certificate very soon, i was shocked and i apologize for my doubts on you. Thanking you and hoping to get in touch with you for more future business. Regards, Shobhit Verma Managing Director (21 November 2015)

Forensic Lab

It was a fantastic job.Got my report in 48hrs.There was a spelling mistake on the report and I called you and you responded and corrected within another 24hrs.Wonderful job. (17 September 2015)

Olanrewaju Bukola

Thanks for allowing me to comment on your services. It took me more than a month researching about the authenticity of CBR. What deepened my doubts was the urgent manner at which Femi responds to his mails. TRUST ME, This is a genuine company run by genuine Nigerians. If in doubt, and for more information, send your request to my secured email address at [email protected] . I advise all able NIGERIANS AND GHANAIANS avoid the corrupt business practices and learn from CBR and their team leader, FEMI. THANK YOU. (13 July 2015)


This is amazing. When I came across d process online,Ii was scared cos d website doesn't look attractive. But. I took the risks anyway and it only took 3 days for the regular post to arrive at my doorstep. A big Gbosa for Nigeria Police. Thumbs up ! (12 May 2015)


I received my documents today in the United States even with the unsettling situation in Nigeria during the Elections. Thanks to CRB. The only Issue was that I was sent the wrong waybill shipping number, never the less the Courier corrected it after getting a few information from me. I will use this again should I need to. Thanks guys! (13 April 2015)

Emmanuel Osagie

his company delivers what it promises with excellent Communication. I felt like I was dealing with an American company. Like I said in my thank you email to them, I will buy anything else they sell, because the first impression was very good. Thank you and please continue. Good name is better than silver and Gold. (5 March 2015)

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